SSS(Shoe String Shooter) is a low budget FPS game which attempts to achieve "next gen" look. The game has no specific theme so you might find dinosaours, ninjas, cars and robots all together in the same game. It will consist of several small levels or maybe some bigger campaigns and also online gameplay. I will try to include any mechanic that looks fun, and not necesseraly realistic. There is the intention of making it look like an AAA title, at least from the technology side. Since the budget for the assets is a little on the short side.

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A random update of SSS and showing a gameplay video with a test death match level. And what is it about cats?

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I was told this video is not ment to be seen by human beings, as it shows a very raw state of the game. Well, whatever...
I am showing you this death match, match I had with two other people online. One was lagging badly(there is no teleportation in the game, as of now) and he basically destroyed me.

I implemented fun stuff like gun shots volume and panning. I also added whooosh sound when someone is shooting you and the bullets go by your head, it makes whooosh sounds.
This is important because if someone is shooting one from afar, you won't hear the gun sound but you will hear bullets are fyling near you. This way you can tell someone is shooting you before hitting you.

Another thing, I have set up a donations page at
These donations will go to funding development, mostly for assets that I need.
It isn't ment to accmulate huge amounts of money, but since I am in between jobs now I can't afford to sped even 40 bucks on a track for the game(I don't have any income).
So donatations will help, but don't donate too much lol.

The game now suppors DX10 features cards. It even ran on a Geforce 8800 on 60 FPS. I suspect that the CPU performance is not optimal, so some people might still not run it even if they have a better GPU than the 8000 series.

I will be happy to get more contacts from playtesters. If you want to help me play test, please PM me or post here. I will PM you my skype.
I hope I could organize and playtest a death match level of up to 8 players. That would be fun.



I donated because your video made me lol.

Keep up whatever you're doing

It would be cool if updates came with more specifics about the development, like what you are using, what the code is doing, etc. I find that stuff interesting.

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PompiPompi Author

Oh, that's a good idea.
I can do a technical\design overview of the coding side.
The thing is, I am not sure IndieDB like these kind of technical posts. Do you think I should post it here?
In any case, I have a devblog so I can post it there.

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I think a certain crowd likes it - especially if you do it well - by both having technical information and interesting bits, but dumbing it down for beginners, prefaced with a "this means, blah blah blah" using simple English. I may be wrong but I think a large portion of regular indieDB users are either aspiring or professional game developers, whether they code or art or whatever, and I would suspect many of them are interested in development, especially ground-up level stuff.

For instance the team who makes Overgrowth I believe is very good at this, they make regular video updates with small bits about what they're doing and have a huge following because of it. I have never played the game, mostly because until just now I forgot I make enough money now to afford games, but without playing it I feel like its one of the greatest indy games ever, because they gladly share what they are up to and it always sounds very interesting. To me, these information-casts can be as entertainment, or more, then the game itself, and makes you feel like you were part of the development, watching it grow, and makes your games fans who are playing the game feel that way too.

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PompiPompi Author

Yea, I didn't think the IndieDB crowd won't be interested in it.
Just that the mods of IndieDB won't publish a news post which is "educational" about the technology or whatever, instead of actual news post.
Overgrowth used to have alot more technially detailed posts in their blog, but I don't recall they were putting these deailed technial blog posts here at IndieDB.
The overgrowth weekly updates are more about the new features rather than how they made them, if I am not wrong?
Well anyway, I could do weekly updates of new features, although I am not tracking the new addtions tha well. Maybe I should make a list.
But in any case, I don't think the mods here will publish an article like the ones Wolfire used to have, where they describe the tech they are using and developing.

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The irony that I pet a cat just today. Odd.

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I might want to help you playtesting but it depends on the times you run these tests. So when do you usually playtest?

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PompiPompi Author

Well, my time is GMT +2(Jerusalem), so I test whle I am awake.
But apart from that, there is no schedule for testing. Most of the tiem I am coding, so alot of time I wouldn't ask you to test. When I need to test I just look who is online and try to see if he is available.
From time to time I try to test with a few people at the same time. For a death match, but that is more rare.

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Hi, that looks nice.
I'm not a great 3D modeller but maybe i can give you a hand with some assets if you need something (and use the experience to get better at my skills)
English is not my first language, I'm from Argentina. So I speak and write english like a monkey but i can read/understand it perfectly.
If you're interested send me a mail o wathever people do arround moddb to contact each other.
Cheers and nice work, again!

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