The story presented in this game branches out of the original Shaman King plot(manga),describing a beautiful romantic tale,with lots of action and funny moments which perfectly complete one another. The chapter is called Osorezan Revoir for all of the action takes place at the Osorezan mountain,and rest you'll uncover by yourself(not going to spoil the plot). The protagonists of this tale are: Asakura Yoh ,Anna Kyoyama and Matamune. This chapter was ever present only in manga,having absolutely nothing in common with the anime version. © All characters and the plot belongs to Takei Hiroyuki

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Ok,first...thnx everyone for your support and help.

This was a pretty rough year,yet it's good to know that this project had survived it,somehow...altrough,sadly it was dead for most of it.

So far myself and cheva300 are working hard to get this project done,yet there's still quite a long road ahead.When project was previously cancelled i estimated the percentage of various tasks being competed (modeling,coding,audio..),although now i'm expanding the project ( and i can't really estimate it's current state ) ,by adding a game plot around the base manga story.And don't worry as i stated in the interview i will have manga story untouched,just that this story alone will be too short for an average game,and as some stated it would've mostly turned out analogical to Ninja Storm's story mode.

Apart from the current developing,i had done my best to contact H.Takei (although i did not find any direct ways of doing so: email,pm..) ,to ask commercial permissions for this project.With those the development will speed up a lot,and would most likely end far more better than anticipated,for i could not only motivate the team's efforts,and eventually my own ;) ,but larger it with the still needed and even highly skilled members. Well so far the good news are that he didn't say no,and the bad news are that i didn't get any response at all T.T ...and telling the truth i don't think i know any way to contact H.Takei (have tried any options i found).
If anyone can somehow help me contact Hiroyuki Takei i'd be very grateful.

The dev-team wishes to you all
Have a Merry Christmas,And a Happy New Year

Next Updates will start airing from: 12.01.2014



2 years ago News 0 comments

The project has been broth back too life (this knowledge i inherited from Sati-sama).Anyhow i'm quite thrilled about this announcement myself

Estatement + bonus

Estatement + bonus

2 years ago News 4 comments

Well,about a half a year had passed,and as awkward as it may seem the visiting count had maintained at a higher number since the official shutdown.Any...

Exitus Letalis

Exitus Letalis

3 years ago News 13 comments

I'm stopping the game development and my per second overfilled schedule. Don't count on me to someday continue the development,i always say: If you want...

Audio developement

Audio developement

3 years ago News 0 comments

An addition to the developers team.We have a new audio artist,which is putting all of his efforts into creating some musical tracks which will aid to...

Shaman King Cosplay ~ Tsuki Shikigami

Shaman King Cosplay ~ Tsuki Shikigami

3 years ago Demo 1 comment

Shaman King characters enjoy the Halloween to it's outmost,for this is the night of the spirits. After watching certain animes some got inspired to do...

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sexywiddleflamey Oct 10 2014 says:

Man... I have no idea if this is still canceled or not, but I found out about all this through your comment on youtube. This looked so good, I'm not a 3d modeler or anything (although I had bad experiences with it) I think seeing what you had so far, it was definitely getting there. This would have been such a great indie game and I'm really ashamed to see that it would probably never be touched again. God do I pray that you find more people to help you on this project because I can really tell that you honestly put so much effort and hard work into this.

As for critique, I think there's some stuff you need to fix up on. Your backgrounds are so beautiful, I even love how your Yoh walks around, runs, summons shikigamis and everything. But you might want to do a little more with the character modeling. Their eyes (both Yoh and Anna's) are way too far apart. Kino's glasses look a little weird too, but overall this is very good. Also, your audio seems really weird at times too. Sometimes it sounds nice but then it skips around pieces throughout the track? I'm not sure if this is because you couldn't find a proper instrumental version of it but that's another thing. I think maybe you should switch tracks whenever Yoh encounters onis too, something that really settles the mood. :)

But anyways, that's only if you are considering in going back to continue this game. I hope seeing this comment brightens your day because you looked so devastated not being able to reach Takei or finding anyone else to help you with this. You deserve all the praise in the world for actually trying to make one of the most emotional arcs from the manga into something you could explore in a 3 dimensional world. If you are still unable to go further, then by all means, I sincerely look forward to seeing you do other stuff in the future. Maybe not Shaman King related, but your own thing y'know?

Take care!!

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KayCornea Creator
KayCornea Oct 13 2014 replied:

Thnx for the support,and for taking time to write down your impressions.
The game development is currently on hold (because as usually my daily schedule is way overstuffed,mostly with studies and work),although i will do my best to make something of this project.
About the critiques,i'll see to it,there's still some fixing i had in mind (as for the eyes distance,it was originally made straight out of a screenshot for anime...i'll compare with the manga).I'm not sure about the audio part, there are only the BG tracks (and even those i have packed up in the demo,just to display the progress).Oh :) ,the battle music wasn't set up.

Thnx again for all of your kind words,i know that there are still people who'd love to see this project done,so i'll do my best to get it finished,altough i cannot point out a certain date even for an update (wouldn't want to disappoint anyone if i'll again be unable to deliver my ideas).

I know everyone's expecting at least some date to be pointed out,so i would recommend checking this page around once every one - two months.I'll try to free some time for the first quarter of the next year to dedicate to this project (as much time as i'll be able to aquire).

Cheer up everyone, Yoh is pretty much always happy,so should we be ^.-

Good day to everyone!

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KayCornea Creator
KayCornea Jan 26 2014 says:

The updates will be around once or twice a month..for now at least

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joemian12 Aug 4 2013 says:

hi my name is joemian alexis and i want to help
contact me at

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Edward-Richtofen Jul 7 2013 says:

kay when do you usally stream

+1 vote     reply to comment
KayCornea Creator
KayCornea Jul 7 2013 replied:

Well,i don't really have a schedule for that,it comes a bit on random for now (can't get to organize all of my daily tasks.Although i do store them in LS library,just in case someone might need it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Edward-Richtofen Jul 7 2013 replied:

ok but if you stream randomly its dumb iam not saying that you are dumb but if you stream randomly you wont get any views.

+1 vote     reply to comment
KayCornea Creator
KayCornea Jul 8 2013 replied:

For now i don't appoint for the views count.Just wanted to help people who are researching on their own,graphics type softwares,as i did in my time(and i was pretty happy to inspire from a live broadcasting art master... Mike Inel's LS).

I'll post it in this comments(and on my lS) when there'll be an approximate schedule

+1 vote   reply to comment
Edward-Richtofen Jul 8 2013 replied:

ok then

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KayCornea Creator
KayCornea Dec 14 2012 says:

I'm willing to give all the work i've done for the ones i who are willing to continue:
1.Gather Skills and make a portofolio of your works
2.Gather a Team (should have at least one coder,hopefully one 3d artist aswell)
3.Send me a PM describing your team and it's goal (continuing the project,using my works for another chapter...)

Good Luck

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Mythril May 17 2013 replied:

I want the models(I'm making a shaman King game aswell) I dont think I could make a portfolio I work with my friend we alright at programming and we know how to make invetory and the basic
This is my first project together with my friend.

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