Seelentanz (German for “Soul dance” or “Dance of the Soul”) is the fantasy role-playing experience of your dreams. Set in a war-torn world created by the gods as a stronghold in their eternal conflict with the nightmarish creatures that inhabit the tumultuous Æthyrs, Seelentanz is a role-playing game developed for and by fans of classic role-playing games. The goal of Seelentanz is to create an immersive, emotional gameplay experience that is both extremely challenging and rewarding. Unlike many modern role-playing games, which aim to streamline the mechanics of the genre to appeal to a broader audience, Seelentanz features systems meant to appeal to the fans of more traditional role-playing games. In Seelentanz, you play as a character that is both unique and entirely your own, and are released to explore a brutal and dangerous world with your friends. But be careful, for this is no ordinary adventure – this is Seelentanz!

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WIP Mineshaft (view original)

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Our first environment a simple mineshaft build inside the UDK.