Scaffold 22 is a web-based interactive story set in the distant future. You take on the role of Vine, a former mercenary lieutenant turned abomination hunter, on a quest to absolve yourself of past sins. The game can be played by visiting the homepage listed on the profile.

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Introduction to the major players of the Scaffold 22 universe and how their influence affects the game/story.

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Major Players

The world of Scaffold 22 is complex and diverse. There are at least a dozen in-game codex articles covering backstory but, for simplicity, I've decided to write up a series of news posts detailing certain important aspects of this universe – no plot spoilers, promised.

Today we'll be looking into the key political players and their influence, both on the fictional world and the gameplay. On the one hand we have the...

Church of Eden

The Church of Eden is a pan-system religious and political entity professing belief in Eden as the mythical home of humanity which will one day be reclaimed. While history records mention of the Church of Eden as far back as 22631, the Church only truly gained widespread public support and political power during the Crusade of Eden.

Today the Church of Eden is a powerful player in social, political and economic circles, with some form of representation on every major space station and many colonized worlds across the known galaxy

...and on the other hand we have the...

Corporate Hegemony

Tracing its heritage back to the Trade Conglomerate of millennia long past, the Corporate Hegemony is the economic heart of the galaxy, composed of seventeen million pan-system and pan-galactic business ventures and corporations that survived the economic upheaval during the Crusade of Eden.

The Hegemony is generally viewed as the counterweight to the political power and popular influence of the Church of Eden, with members being less interested in traditional or cultural values as espoused by the Church and instead focused on scientific research, social development, and economic expansion.

...and to complete the story, an excerpt on the...

Crusade of Eden

The Crusade of Eden was an interstellar conflict which took place from 25631 to 25952 between the Church of Eden and a loose coalition of corporations led by the Corporate Hegemony.

While the precise reasons of the Church calling for a crusade against Hegemony are unknown, it is widely accepted that the Crusade of Eden was caused by centuries of political and social oppression by corporate overlords that left followers of Eden disgruntled and disdainful of their employers.

Relation to Story

The ongoing discord between the Church of Eden and the Corporate Hegemony sets the stage for much of the conflict you, as the player, experience in Scaffold 22. A conspiracy to undermine the authority of the Church drives the story forward directly and indirectly. Initially, meaning in Part I, you're pressed into service by the Church to help uncover the identity of the conspirators.

A polite way to say "work for us or else..."

The implications of greater powers are limited though. Throughout most of the story, you will be dealing with the immediate situation and not thinking about the larger political or social implications of your actions.

As a result, Scaffold 22 attempts to portray decisions as situational actions, not binary choices that affect the plot in a predictable manner. The intent is craft a fluid narrative resembling a novel, wherein the protagonist slowly but steadily comes to realize how they are affecting the greater picture.

If this sounds like something you're interested in then, why not give Part I a try?

Scaffold 22 Beta 0.2 is available at:

Continued Development

If there's one thing I dislike about Part I it's the fact that the narrative forces the player down certain path with no alternative and no way to back out. Consequently, the plot is fairly linear and, although there's some room to personalize the story, variation isn't exactly the order of the day. This is something that Part II aims to improve.

The plot-driven gameplay will remain a core aspect but there will be mutually exclusive branches that don't necessarily convene further into the story. There's also a concentrated effort to make player opinion count for more, allowing you to refuse plot progression you don't like and search for an alternative that's more agreeable.

Limited freedom in reaction to plot-required assignments in Part I (top)
compared to more lenient options in Part II (bottom)

As with Part I, narrative that reads like a traditional novel is still the primary goal. Beneath the hood however, there will be several stories bundled into one overarching plot, with the player only seeing the parts that are appropriate to their character's story.

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