From the founder of the Halo 3 Team (H3T) of the Halomaps community, we bring you ECHO Squad - an independent, squad-based first person game created using the Unreal Development Kit, powered by the Unreal Engine 3. This post-apocalyptic single player game emphasizes teamwork in the campaign; to show how teamwork on the battlefield plays out and how members come together to work as a team to get the objective done. You take the role of ECHO 5, a member of ECHO Squad, recently reassigned from a 5-year leave due to confidential reasons.

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Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist - Environmental at Wave Games

concept artist - environmental wave games anywhere artists do you like visualizing dazzling landscapes and environments that no one has ever seen before? we've got a position for you! essential: - create amazing landscapes from sweating deserts, lush forests, to pouring, snowing cities. - create distinct visual features that 3d artists can recreate into a 3d space. - ability to take constructive criticism. - ability to create detailed but distinct visual features. recommended: - wacom tablet and digital-painting software.

Anywhere [OLD] UnrealScript Programmer - Systems at Wave Games

unrealscript programmer - systems wave games anywhere programmers do you think in code? ever play a game and wonder how they coded in a specific function? wonder if you could go back into the code and eliminate any overhead to increase performance by 5%? we've got a job for you as a systems programmer on the udk fps echo squad. essential ideas: ability to code in basic gameplay, animations systems during pre-production and tweak during production. able to devote a decent amount of time to project, and knowledge of how to use subversion control software. ability to work in a group of people and take feedback and realize ideas.

ECHO Squad
Wave Games
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