Rogue Republic is an innovative RTS project developed by a team of independent enthusiasts aimed to bring you a realistic yet intense C&C Generals-styled game you always dreamed about. Do not like C&C F2P for some reasons? Track Rogue Republic! The game will be released in episodes, with each episode bringing you a new campaign of the overall story arc ranging from Russian-Georgian conflict, hypothetical Turkish-Ukrainian war in the near future, WW3 and its falloutic aftermath.

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Bastion (view original)

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Let the fate be merciful to those believing tanks to be outdated!
Development began during the last years of the Soviet Union, the Bastion project was long forgotten during the economic demise of independent Ukraine and underfunded Kharkov design bureau's vault.
The new strong autocratic government seeks to bring whatever heavy assets where in the reach, and so the Bastion development gained a new momentum.
Armed with double naval guns and a miniature safe (at least - almost) nuclear engine, Bastion is more than just a bigger tank. The surplus energy of the nuclear engine can be directed on its energy field, making the tank totally invincible for some seconds.
Reviving the concept of the "assault tank", Bastion can breakthrough whatever the heavy defenses are and destroy sensible command & control structures, power plants and irradiate the environment if being destroyed afterwards.