Long ago, the Kingdom of Manatalopia stretched far across the Sirenian Desert. Life in the empire was good, just, and beautiful… Without warning, a devastating force of legend, the Goblin Horde, marched on the Kingdom of Manatalopia. The barbaric Horde showed no mercy. The brave Manatalopian Knights took up arms to defend the vast empire, but the attack was too sudden, the Horde too powerful. At the hands of the merciless Horde, the empire was swiftly destroyed. Driven into the borderlands of their once great empire, the surviving Manatalopian Knights devised an ambitious plan to retake the lost kingdom and mete out justice on the Horde by moving their remaining fortress onto the back of the mythical Burdenbeast. The result: the Roaming Fortress. So begins the campaigns of the Manatalopian Knights to reclaim the lost kingdom and drive the evil forces back from whence they came.

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I originally had this game rated higher.

I enjoyed the roving castle defense model.

But it quickly became a grind for me to get the cash I needed to get the upgrades that would keep me alive.

Any time that happens, I wonder if the developers are trying to extend the life of the game by making it harder, so that you have to play a level over again, and therefore invest more time in it.

I have hundreds of games to try out. I'd much rather have a satisfying playthrough, all the way through, and come out with the satisfaction that I finished the game. I'd rather play a shorter, but smoother game.


One of the coolest games i've played in quite sometime. It's really addicting and you will spend hours and hours with it. This was one of my favourite time of games when I was younger and this game just felt like a great memory with a lot of new things. A must-try!

Fantatic concept and great gameplay, Turns the Tower defence gametype on its head.

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Boy does this game involve a lot of clicking, especially when you fail a level right at the end and have to click through it all over gain. Honestly, you'll end up with muscles like Arnold Swarzanegger after playing this game. At least it's different from all of the other TD games out there though, and rather good besides.


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'Cause I love it's art style that much.


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No linux xD


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