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Running through the potential weapons for Reactor 17.

Posted by Leo_V117 on Apr 14th, 2011

Hey guys, Its been a total of 5 days since the last update on Reactor 17. But thats only on MODDB, I've been working my backside off trying to get the first map into action and Its beginning to pay off. Anyway, back to the topic.

My last news post was a quick run-through of the potential enemies that Reactor 17 could include, now whats an enemy without weapons? So, heres the list:

Weapons (blades)
First up we have bladed weapons, these range from regular swords to slightly more deadly claws. Each one will have a varied Mass:Speed:Damage ratio, The heavier the weapon and the faster it travels, would directly affect the amount of damage it would cause to the target. This isnt entirely the case with Claws and Daggers, these are small and light, making it easier for the holder to use. Depending on the attackers agility and the weapons material would be the main variables for the amount of damage caused. Now for the actual list.

- Sword (Regular)
- Damage affected by power of the swing and condition of the blade.
- "Slow" to handle.

- Sword (Long)
- Damage affected by power of the swing and condition of the blade.
- "Slow" to handle. (More so than the regular sword)

- Dagger
- Damage affected by the power of the attack.
- "Fast" to handle.
- Light to carry.

- Lance
- Damage affected by the power of the attack and length of the handle.
- "Fast" to handle.

- Claws
- Damage affected by the power of the swing.
- "Fast" to handle.
- Light to carry.

Weapons (ranged)
Now for the more "safe" weapons. Unlike the bladed weapons, the ranged ones have a few more advantages. For example, the Bow would allow the attacker to remain at a safe distance whilst still being able to attack the target, although their stock of "ammo" will decrease the more they use it.

- Bow
- Range affected by air resistance.
- Accuracy affected by wind direction and speed.
- Takes around 0.5-2.5 seconds to "reload".
- Useless at close range.

- Crossbow
- Range affected by air resistance. (not as much as the Bow)
- Accuracy affected by wind direction and speed. (Not as much as the Bow)
- Takes around 1-4 seconds to reload.
- Deadly at close range.

Thats all for now. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.

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cork279 Apr 15 2011 says:

I got some ideas;
Claymore (2 handed sword)
-Bigger than the other swords, thus needs to be held with two hands.
-Due to it's larger size, and mass, more deadly blows can be swung.

-Small, light, easy to carry.
-Can be used at range, or melee.

-light, and agile weapon.
-Good at piercing/thrusting blows, instead of swinging (don't get any innuendo from this... :P )

Also, is this just about blades and ranged weapons? Because I don't see any blunt weapons (maces, bludgeons, flails, etc), or any axes, and the only polearm there is is a lance, but there are no spears, halberds, scythes, etc.

Also for ranged weapons, throwing knives, throwing axes, throwing spears, war darts, throwing arrows. Also, bows can be split into shortbows and longbows, and crossbows can be split into siege crossbows and light crossbows.

I know this is probably a lot more than you can take, but I wanted to suggest ideas :D

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XeonBoxStudios Apr 16 2011 says:

-fast, throwable, but bad accuracy.

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Arcones Apr 18 2011 says:

Hmm, looks good. Could you do 'em in groups? A.K.A. Swords, Bashers (maces, clubs, etc), Ranged (bows, maybe daggers).

It'd work with what Cork mentioned :D
I like the stuff thus far!

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