project is dead no one helped i am now saying my recent project has been a failure and will not continue as i need help and noone helped me thx for being with me but i will make a new game soon till then have fun playing other games

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WolfyVideoGames says

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Try to use proper grammar, kid. Why is there an Amnesia servant head in the picture?


115spt2 says

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its good but not so much but keep updating and this will be great


xxzackly says

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I'm sorry for being the one with the first review on your game but it feels hard to control the character/super difficult to control. You should fix some of the bugs but other than the difficulty with the controls and movement it was ok, but i don't mean don't finish your game because that is how you get better.

Thanks for the game and i hope you finish it and make many more.

this is just to review it sorry if same post/review


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