Plutoids is a classic-style artillery game, primarily inspired by a few older games such as Gravity Wars, Scorched Earth, and Pocket Tanks. The game consists of adjusting the power and angle of a shot, firing, and hoping to hit the target. In Plutoids, the action takes place in outer space, and the trajectories of the shots are altered by the gravitational pulls of various stellar bodies. There are five types of stellar bodies, each with a unique range of sizes and densities. Maps are randomly generated, and they can be saved if you find one you like. Also, the generator's options can be adjusted to enable or disable certain types of planets, or to increase the density of the planetary bodies onscreen. Finally, the strategy is augmented with a variety of weapons and tools, as well as the ability to manually detonate certain projectiles in case you're not sure you can make that high-scoring direct hit. Plutoids has a total of fifteen weapon types.

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Looks like a small and fun game :)

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