Phase Shift is a rhythm game created for Windows PC. The project is currently in open beta, it features single player and multiplayer gameplay modes, including LAN and Online play. The game is focused around community driven content, supporting user created songs and mods. The game features music from various artists such as Souleye, Brad Sucks, Lukhash, Attacking the Mind, Obsidian Shell and On Corinthians, and will continue to expand as development continues. Please check out the game and report any issues to us on the forums.

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BEST [rhythm ]GAME EVAH!

Phase Shift is the best (indie) rhythm game I have ever played and is one of my favorite PC games. I am a huge Guitar Hero fan and Phase Shift utilizes (almost) every elements from both Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.


Best Rhythm game ever made and nothing will ever beat it.

Best rhythm game for PC, period.

keep up the good work!!! its good but needs to be able to create a character.
More songs and add rock band 4.

I thinks is the best guitar indie game with averithing, and a lot of instruments. Download now this game. and please developer continue to make new version i think we make a good work 9/10

Game is exceptionally laggy over time, sometimes even immediately. Would be much more fun if you could play it for a period of time without dying due to immense delays in input.

Just got it, great game. It's got beatiful graphics, and has got everything today's rhythm games have and more. You can add songs, customize the graphics, play online, just... woah. You can even use a MIDI drumset and use an actual guitar to play!
As a GH fan, I say this is something you must have.

It's a really well made game
Too bad i'm really noob at it
This game support really a lot of instrumentals
You can also get any song you want

one of the best free indie rymth game i've ever seen

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