This game is a simple platformer with puzzle and action elements. You play as an astronaut, forced to land in a strange alien planet. Low on fuel, now you need to find some way to get an alien power core and avenge your planet, defeating your arch enemy, Grigori. The main game mechanic is the clever use of a teleportation device, to move around the levels.

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Excellent game, just the right ratio of puzzle and platformer with a pleasant difficulty level, allowing for a non-frustrating and thoroughly enjoyable experience. This is complimented by some wonderful visuals, all in all this can be nothing but 10/10. More of this please!

Short, sweet, with fantastic level design. Instead of telling me how to perform a new trick, the environment has a subtle way of pushing me into figuring it out myself. The difficulty curve hit me as being absolutely perfect, and the little "teachable moments" were reading my mind. Forget the whole "physics gun" thing, it's the little bits of polish in the level design where this game hits the same notes as Portal.

I am very much looking forward to MinibBoss's next game.


If you didn't love this game, perhaps you've played the wrong one. Please close Desura, open again, and choose correctly, selecting "Out There Somewhere" from your list. Pay attention this time.


You have made a decent engine. You've came up with versatile and enjoyable game mechanics. You've created awesome sprites. You made some great sounds and music.
Please contact your local LEVEL DESIGNER and turn this tech-demo into an ACTUAL GAME! It'll be awesome.
For now, i'ts a one-hour game, and the only thing it revolves around is "jump before the white dot hits the wall". Work on that, please, as this could be a great game.

Interesting game with an interesting mechanic nice puzzles. Kind of sedate and ambling though.

One of the best indies i've found here ^^ I love Miniboss, i have played almost all of the games they've made.

Genial, achei esse jogo muito criativo e nostálgico (até a capa estilo Master System me deixou feliz). Que jogo lindo! Parabéns!
Ainda não consigo dar nota 10, pq o Desura diz que tenho que esperar mais uma semana, dai volto e mudo pra 10. =D

Great Gameplay, Music and Art. The only thing that keeps it from being a 10 is that it's short.

Nice puzzle platforming game with a gun similar to that of the Portal gun. The music and graphics feel like they were made in the SNES era which brought me a significant amount of nostalgia.

Out There Somewhere is a brilliant puzzle/platformer developed by miniboss.
The game takes place in space on 'planet unknown' where the main character crashed his ship and is trying to find the pieces to make it fly again and defeat the main villian Grigori!
There isn't much to the story and it doesn't take itself very seriously which in a way complements this game. However, the games excels in its puzzles and platforming.
The puzzles are smart and challenging and makes full use of the ingenious teleport gun and the platforming requires delicate timing and precision and these two elements are combined very well and provide some very satisfying challenges.
The game also looks retro which also suits the theme of the game, the soundtrack sets the perfect mood for the game with the 80s sci-fi type of beats.
The game is really short but I highly recommend that you play this game if you are into platforming and puzzle games.

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