OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.

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TTD has taught me how to love again. Not only is this game one of the best ever made, but will they ever make a game like it? ever? And it's free! I love you guys.

Very accurate to the original, but now with better trains and signals! Signals that show green all the way into my heart.

Best. Game. Ever.

I've never been much of a player of the so-called "god-games". My ex-girlfriend used to be absolutely addicted to Sim City, but I never quite got the allure.
However, after recently playing the demo of Game Dev Tycoon, I became interested in the complexities of simulation-type games, even contemplating trying to write my own. In hunting for good sim-games for reference, I came across OpenTTD.
The first thing that attracted me to it, was the graphics - I'm a stickler for old-school games, and especially if they're old-school AND have good graphics, which this definitely does.
The gameplay itself is fairly intuitive and utterly, infuriatingly addictive. I started playing yesterday and didn't stop for 7 hours (even skipped dinner)...
Another thing that makes OpenTTD brilliant (and probably much better than the original), is the downloadable content. If the standard graphics don't appeal to you for some odd reason, I recommend you look into the "zBase Base Graphics" download (it's about 240MB though, so beware). There are maps, scenarios and endless downloads of all kinds.
This game is free, but I dare say that if it were being sold, it would be worth buying regardless of the price tag.

It is really great game. But if you play first time you must learn rail rules. Other transport tycoon games is not good like this one. And the best part is it is free.

jajajajja cool

Great game, confusing at first but there is videos online and I think you can download a beginner tutorial file which will take you through the machanics and basics of the game so you are able to play succesfully. I recommend downloading this, especially because it's free.

The only flaw of getting it on Desura, is the fact it isn't up to date. If you want the latest version, you will have to go over to the OpenTTD website.

OpenTTD takes an already awesome simulation game and brings it up to date. Adds a level of realism that was always missing but without making the game unecessarily dry.

Custom graphics, custom AI, and pretty custom anything you need. What a game...

Playground for huge children :D

I really love how you can do anything you want and i love the fact you can cheat.


Best tycoon ever (: Plus point cause the mods-gfxs

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