The One Piece Project will be an MMO game, where you and your friends can form a crew and sail in to the seas under your own banner, anchoring on various islands, collecting treasures and aim to be the most fearsome pirates on the seas.

We are looking for more people to join our team and help us create this game
Following positions are vacant:

Level designer,
Environment Artist,
concept Artist,
3D Modeler,

The game will run on Unity

The game will offer the following crew positions:

Sniper :
Doctor :
Chef/cook :
Navigator :
Shipwright :
Musician :

Polearms, daggers/swords/knifes, slingshots, rifles, pistols and many more.

Devil Fruit will be in the game and the fruit will give you special abilities and also remove your ability to swim

Armament Haki is hopefully going to be ingame aswell.

Upon player creation you will choose one of these spawn points

Spawn Points
East Blue
West Blue
North Blue
South Blue

Wanted Poster
This system will be based on players action

There will be many :)

We will have two factions/teams
Marines and Pirates (PVP on special areas and towns)

Pirate will have a extra system like pirates vs pirates but pirates will have safe zones/towns


Game Over

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