The reason for this is that there was alot of compatibility problems across various people who tested the pre-alpha, namely that the webgl shader made the screen appear white. Problem was that the lighting and the colouration of the world was based off of webgl, so it was required for the game to run. When trying to remove this from the game code, it made it all quite messy and so I decided to go back through it bit by bit (which turned out immensely time consuming and hard to fit around my worklife) to bridge the gap of making this game efficient and to prevent needing crowdfunding, I am working on some smaller projects alongside this to make functions that work on a more diverse amount of systems.



A game that strives rather than to tread new ground, but to combine all other elements of games into one.

The Story:
In a planet that evolved to a different path than earth, humans have arrived to repopulate a new planet due to the destruction of the Earths atmosphere. A character awakens in this strange location, with the last memory being of their own demise. Unlock the secrets of the planet and this characters fate in locations filled with dangers and surprises.

The Planet:
The planet consists of 3 moons, each being able to alter certain aspects of the surface, such as gravity and temperature, during certain alignments. The planet is rich is plantlife and water, allowing sustained life. Compared to Earth the gravity is slightly lower and water is more dense, in addition that metabolism and evolution is at a heightened pace. The planets equator has smouldering heat, as do the northern and southern caps. Between the caps and equator are 2 further rings of extreme cold. The most habitable areas are the well adjusted areas between the Hot and cold areas. Creatures and humanoids exist all of shapes and sizes across the planet, where technology is also at differing levels due to little to no interaction between each race.

The game will feature Single Player with couch coop, aswell as online multiplayer.
Combat is combo-based. There are no health bars, but instead body parts take damage based on the attack. Death can be met with one fatal hit to a critical area.
Free-roam, meet NPC's, make allies and enemies, edit the world to your liking with various tools.
Create a character down to little details such as nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hair, aswell as any colour.
Create towns, wage wars, hunt for treasure, mine for ores.
Create vehicles to your own design to carry goods, fight battles or just for fun! Land, sea or air!

Some notes:
Game time is currently based on real-world where 1 minute = 1 second.
The game world is seperated into maps of each island, exiting either end of the screen allows travel to discover new islands or travel to old ones via list (a vessel will obviously be required)
1 tile of ground =1.5 feet*, meaning the current character is approximately 5 foot tall and sprints approximately 13.6 mph (though this is because there is no stamina gauge or speed caps as of yet)

*Ground tiles are now 4x the size than previously. This works more towards the gameplay I originally intended and makes it alot faster to allow for other elements of play

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