Survival gaming experience unlike any other. Nether forces players to make quick life-saving decisions in an unforgiving environment. In this post-apocalyptic urban world, death is waiting around every corner, at the top of high-rise buildings, and in the grasp of powerful teleporting creatures known as Nethers. To navigate this high-tension environment, players must use skill and craft in order to obtain food, weapons, supplies, and other resources necessary to survive in a desolate and dangerous city. Players will need to choose whether or not to team up with others or go at it solo against the Nethers, other players, and unpredictable, treacherous world objectives. In the end, players must decide if they will Prey or Pray.

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The environment is built very nicely and gives a great feel of some abandoned, overgrown city. But, playing the game, you would think it is still in Alpha, well it's not. Apparently this game is a full release, which is horrible because the game has an extremely high amount of glitches and bugs, as well as very stuttery jolting player movement. The game has absolutely no story behind it and simply thrusts you into this environment with only a butcher knife. Spawns are all random and do not blend with the environment. They glow and shine, which really creates an eyesore when they are among the bleak apocalyptic environment. Enemies are limited on variety and seem to be scarce until you alert one, then the entire town comes down on your head. Not only do the monsters like to rush you in huge herds, but every monster seems to teleport as well... literally, I mean they have the ability to teleport around, making combat extremely irritating. When you die, you lose everything, including your skills and level, making player advancement VERY annoying. PvP is horrid due to stuttery movements and unfair placement. It is basically a game that you have to pay to win because unless you use real money to pay for weapons, you are stuck with melee weapons and a handgun, unless you somehow manage to save up enough in game cash to buy weapons at the marketplace. There is no universal bank system to save your cash, so that means when you die, you lose it all, and good guns are incredibly expensive. Safe Zones disable your ability to attack and lose health inside the safe zone, which creates a huge player camping perimeter around each safe zone and usually leads to you getting your face blown off the moment you step foot outside of the safe zone. Food and water seem to be very scare as well and you are constantly becoming hungry and/or thirsty, so a lot of times you end up dying of hunger/thirst. This game also comes with two DLCs, which are $14.99 and $19.99. These DLC's do nothing but unlock little portions of the map that are identical to the rest, nothing special in the slightest. Now on top of all of these horrible game features, the creators of the game are built up of mostly the same people who made WarZ, which was a cash grab. Due to the quality, state, and developers of Nether, it is easy to say that Nether is simply another cash grab like WarZ. If you are debating on getting this game, don't, it is simply a waste of money that would go to the low lives that developed this game just to steal people's money.

Its suppose to be survival action only, no story etc. and its is really what it should be, perfect closed beta



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