MiniFPS is a first person shooter developed by ImziGamerInc. It is a series that has levels/episodes released EVERY WEEK. With action-packed mystery filled levels, how CAN you get bored?

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Design_By_Chris says

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It's not Modern Warfare, but its fairly well put together for a free game. The gameplay is somewhere around your basic FPS style. The AI wont be matching wits or scoring many headshots, but I guess they suffice as medium skill cannon fodder mostly. The sound design doesn't stand out much, again it suffices. In the end, Go get it! Blow away a few hours of time! And the fact that it is being released in an episodic style (Which is awesome, more indie dev's should do this!)which means that there should be MAAAAny more "Mini-FPS's" to come!

(Also, I'll post something about the new multiplayer map if its ok with the dev. Once I'm allowed to play it.)


Varkplaas says

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Firstly the game was OK, but had a few issues. The AI were a bunch of retards and ammo was really scarce.

It was fun and the maps were laid out well. There was a huge difference between the first level and third level. The first level looked half assed, but the third level looked like it had much more effort put into it.

It was good, but not great.


ABitchCalledPayback says

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awesome game <3


IranFTW says

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