Metal Drift is a futuristic arena combat game in drift-tanks. It is team-based with online multiplayer. You can level up your player and your weapons over time to unlock more weapons and upgrades for your tank. Metal Drift features 56 different tank configurations with various weapon and upgrade selections to choose from. In addition, the drift-tanks have a unique energy system that allows the pilot to direct acquired energy into a speed boost or to power up weapons for extra damage. The game also features 5 different arenas, each with their own racing lines and boost tunnels.

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Location: Anywhere, but Portland, OR would be nice - Looking for: Web/Other

Posted by on Jul 10th, 2010

Black Jacket Studios is a small indie group with a solid and fully-featured release titledĀ Metal Drift. We're looking for the most cost effective (broke indie) way to get a website built as a hub for our growing community.

Any graphics and templates will be made for you, so no graphic design skill is necessary.

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