Metal Drift is a futuristic arena combat game in drift-tanks. It is team-based with online multiplayer. You can level up your player and your weapons over time to unlock more weapons and upgrades for your tank. Metal Drift features 56 different tank configurations with various weapon and upgrade selections to choose from. In addition, the drift-tanks have a unique energy system that allows the pilot to direct acquired energy into a speed boost or to power up weapons for extra damage. The game also features 5 different arenas, each with their own racing lines and boost tunnels.

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Location: Anywhere (Oregon, USA) - Looking for: Web/Other

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Our studio would like to venture outside of our own personal knowledge and look into some strong web community features. While we have a good grip on game programming and design, when it comes to web programming we're a little out of our element.

We are initially looking for someone that would be willing to talk with us and help us understand which ideas are plausible and which are not. Assuming we decide to go in the directions discussed, we'd be willing to talk about hiring the consultant to work on the final web app projects.

As far as community features we'd like to discuss and get figured out:

-Automatic server-side YouTube rendering and upload
-Custom Gamercard mod for phpBB
-Custom rich stats formatting and display from a highscore database
-Facebook/Twitter Integration
-And other cool stuff :)

If you have experience writing web apps against (preferably) Google App Engine, or knowledge of MySQL databases and external social networking API's, shoot me an email!

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