You find yourself in is not the most pleasant place in a mental hospital from which you will find out. Despite the fact that you have a weapon, taking place here you are unlikely to be happy.  The game has not generator level and it pretty short, so at one time. And of course to play at night with headphones.

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Eldriknight says

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I liked this game. It had a scary atmosphere and some clever scares. It made me jump out of my chair many times during gameplay. I do, however, think it needs work.

The character walks obnoxiously slow and without a sprint function, it can make navigating a bit of a pain. I personally found the use of the gun completely pointless as there was nothing to shoot and nothing even bothered to try and attack me. There is one room that requires a key, but I could not find it anywhere in the game and I could not figure out how to open the doors that said "Close...".

Other than that, it's a pretty scary game and it has a lot of potential.

My Rating: 7/10 (Enjoyable)

Один из самых смешных хорроров, в которые я играл. Аффтар жжот, жги ищо. 10/10

This was a well made jumpscare game. The atmosphere was spot on scary, the flashlight could of have a bit more radius but was fine. Not sure what the gun was for.
Thanks for the chance to play. I look forward to any other update
s to this game

worst ************* game ever

I fell author's sense of humour, and even though game is "slightly" uncomplete I give it 9/10 for extreme level of creepiness. I liked it.
Привет русским разрабам (если чё ;-) )

Great game!

Рррррусский. Привет от дизайнера-моделера. Keep working

first 55 minutes gonna be the most scariest game
after that just boaring and stupid jump scares
and the gun is sooooooo lame and also charactors and weapons
graphics weaaaaaak


S1YD0G97 says

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Very very scary. Here's a quick playthrough of the game: (would reccomend playing the game instead of watching, but whatever floats your boat :D) Very good game!

scary and creepy, so a horror game must be

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