It's snowboarding, but not as we know it. Inspired by the artist, M.C.Escher's greatest works, M.C.Escher's Snowboard Throwdown carries the trend of impossible feats and confused environments. How far can YOU get? Challenge your friends and the rest of the world with our global scoreboard. Can you be the ultimate Escher boarder? This game was first envisaged at a 48 hour game jam at the University of Derby, with special thanks to The Video Game Name Generator for spawning the crazy ideas for the game you see before you.

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MrMalcontent says

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This game suits me fine. Easy controls and a twist to the tail. I like the work of MC Escher, so I see what this game is trying to do (and do rather well!)

Very entertaining, though I'll be damned if I can get near that top scope!


Shilbo says

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I think that MC Escher's Snowboard Throwdown is a game that you either 'get' or you don't. In many ways, it reminds me of Cannabalt, in that it is all about simplicity of controls (WASD is all you get) with platform-like graphics, but don't let this deceive you. It's bloody fiendishly difficult to progress. The chirpy chip-tune music and cartoon style characters might lead you to think that this game is quite shallow (see other comments) but in reality, there is some difficult and challenging gameplay underneath it, that keeps the pressure on the player. It's easy to do well, but it seems really difficult to do VERY well, and this is quite a difficult thing to achieve, it seems, in designing computer games.

OK, so the graphics aren't intricate 3D models, etc etc, but they're cute enough, and fit well with the nature of the game. Personally, I like and appreciate the clean cut simplicity of it. I've been playing this game quite a bit (it makes a great distraction between work tasks)
to the point where I currently have the second highest score, and it's still keeping me infuriated and compelled.

So.... but the game, enjoy the challenge, and see if you can hold onto that high score!


Wasserstern says

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Bland, boring, uninspired. Demanding money for something that was probably made in two days is ridiculous. Seriously, even Ludum Dare games that were made in 48 hours or so look WAY better.

Something like this shouldnt be allowed.


Yaroslavchic says


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