Live For Speed S2 is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids - YOU have to do the driving. In S2 you can race alone or against the AI, but the real fun is to be found online, in multiplayer mode. Racing against real people is simply the best thing and LFS makes it easy for you to do so. There are also several online racing leagues you can take part in, if you are looking for something with a more competitive edge.

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10 TKAzA

Sep 25th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

Been playing this game since s1, it's one of the best racing sims out and works fantastic with a sim wheel.

The custom drift circuits and modding keep servers fresh and fun, a nice chilled out afternoon cruising sideways around tracks is a simple joy.

stampp says
10 stampp

Jul 25th, 2012

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81Zero says
10 81Zero

Jan 24th, 2012

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DieInPain says
10 DieInPain

Nov 11th, 2011

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Executor-64- says
10 Executor-64-

Nov 8th, 2010

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hide says
9 hide

Jun 27th, 2010

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Dark_Kostas says
10 Dark_Kostas

Mar 27th, 2010

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ShadowStar says
9 ShadowStar

Oct 17th, 2009

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killerjokeako says
10 killerjokeako

Oct 10th, 2009

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Underet says
10 Underet

Mar 25th, 2009

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