A unique blend of puzzle games and Pac-Man. "Life on a tiny earth, the symbolic ages" is a retro arcade puzzle game where you have to avoid opponents in a spherical labyrinthic world, to save species at the edge of existence. 1.0 can be seen as the alpha version and can be purchased "as is" with no support, to get feedbacks and to contribute to the development of the next version(s). The 2.0, closer to a beta version, is under development (game.dominiquedc.com). The game’s world is a symbolic representation of earth where the player has to rescue all the species members to win. This game offers dozens of level and many kinds of opponents, with both manually designed and randomly generated levels plus different game modes to renew your gaming experience. This game is available on PC and for those who have a MAC or a Linux, the engine version used, Unity 4.0, can work on these two platforms, depending, especially for Linux, on software versions and hardware. So please try the co

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Apr 17 2013 Anchor

I've got a very interested comment from xRidlerx, Youtube.com, saying that the sound on each new tile movement was annoying, because it conflicts with the music and the general atmosphere. When I was making the game and till today, I’ve felt two different, if not opposite, way to “feel” the game. The first would be a quiet and hypnotic one, played in normal mode by default, with non-aggressive music or even “zen” music. The second is a fast paced arcade game action with “action game music” oriented.

I think these two ways are both “valid”, but for the first one, I understand that having to hear a sound each new tile can becomes rapidly annoying. There is a lot of way to answer to this problem: option to disable some sound, option to change some sound, option to choose “sound and music atmosphere” based on different set (“Arcade”, “Zen”, “SiFi”). The last is the one I was thinking first, but its fare the more complicated, and I will probably need to invest in Unity pro to manage these extension pack in a good way.You can give me your feedback and thoughts regarding sound & music atmosphere in LOATE…++ PS: there is currently 4 different music in the game, coming from Audiodraft.com

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