In this side-scrolling platformer/shooter you level up your character by literally going up to the next level. Each level-up earns you some points to spend on upgrades: more health, firepower, new weapons, skills, etc. Also, it's made of voxels, so you can destroy walls and dig tunnels or trenches to hide from enemy fire. The full game will feature many levels and upgrades, and boss fights where you can blast holes in huge bosses to get to the vulnerable spots inside them.

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I played the demo and I really enjoyed it, I love the idea that you can shoot through the bosses and walls. It is a fun mechanic that lets you solve the level in different ways. I hope it was free though,I am 12 and my parents don't let me buy games of the internet which is a shame because the ones in stores suck ****.


Good potential!

Particularly as the fire rate and block destruction improve, blasting your way through levels is oddly satisfying.

A few puzzles, some additional enemy types, and some powerups and this would make a swell game!


I love how more and more people are trying to make their own game, but I dont understand that so many people want money for games that arent worth money. I just dont think the idea of this game is new. Leveling up after a level completed? Get better stats? I´ve seen that in many games.

Look at games like "Treasure Adventure Game"
A wonderful long and creative platformer. Completely free!

Its still in alpha, I will change my rating if it gets any good new stuff in the full version.
Sorry if my english isnt that good.


I havent bought it (expensive for my taste) but it looks fairly good.


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