Legends of Eisenwald is an old school RPG with elements of strategy and turn-based combat. Gather your troops and embark on a dangerous journey to carve your name into the legends of the grim lands of Eisenwald where all the supernatural superstitions of medieval times are found to be true.

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It is still early beta, but the game so far miss too many critical features

At first, I wasn't too sure about the combat system. It seemed too simplistic (i.e., there weren't going to be enough tactical options). however, I ended up liking it a lot and found the beauty in it's simplicity. It's quite different from any other turn-based strategy game I ever played; sometimes your options are limited but that just has to be taken into account when planning your strategy (the worst thing is when you are forced to knowingly send one of your soldiers into a vicious counter-attack).

Unfortunately, you will sometimes have to endure walls of text. And let me be clear I have no problem reading text in my RPGs. When it's well-written, I like it just fine. But some of the many legends in Legend in Eisenwald (usually encountered as rumors in taverns) are… shall we say, needlessly verbose. They just go on and on and on. And while they are usually somewhat interesting and may even play an important part in the main story, I feel that many of them could be cut in half without losing anything substantial.

Some other things I wasn't crazy about:

*At the end of most chapters, you say goodbye to most, if not all of your soldiers and their gear.. That means all of the units that you worked to build into powerful army will be gone and you'll have to pretty much start over building your army in the next chapter.. leveling up peasants and buying basic equipment.

I understand that this probably done for game balance reasons (and in particular, to give you incentive to conquer enemy castles, which allows you to hire additional units)…. nevertheless, its very irritating to lose all your veteran soldiers and their gear, and the game usually gives very weak rationale for this (e.g., someone tells you that a large force will attract too much attention so you can only take two units… But then as soon as you get the next chapter, you'll likely recruit more troops ASAP). I would've preferred if the game was balanced to take more of my units with me… You spend a lot of time rebuilding your army in each chapter, and while that can be fun for awhile, it inevitably feels like busy work.

*Moving across some areas in the game can be pretty painful… I constantly experienced misclicking as it's seldom clear where you can and can't go on each area... Lots of twists and turns. It would have been nice if you could double click on a point on the map and have it plot a course to the destination… Instead, you have to actually see the place you want to go to, and since your field of view is so small, you will have to constantly rotate the camera to try to see whatever town or building you're trying to get to.

*There were a few instances where enemies respawned. I could understand if they were vampires or something, but no, there in one chapter I remember regular enemies coming back to life and retaking the castle.

*There were some instances in the game where my character makes some morally questionable choices that I would not have liked to do… There's perhaps a couple times in the game when you can make a choice, but for the most part your character is going to complete their quest by any means necessary. It's a bit frustrating in a role-playing game when things like this are decided for you… In the final chapter in particular, it seems my character acts based on a decision I made several chapters ago..

The final chapter dragged on a bit as you have to clear a bunch of castles, but I found the battles to all be rather easy (except the final battle which had an insanely powerful enemy).

Despite my gripes, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and would recommend giving it a shot if you like SRPGs / turn-based strategy and want to try something different. The music is fantastic, the graphics are great and the combat / character class progression system is simple, yet addictive.

great potential in this game..
hope it gets much deserved publicity


sutek says

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This game has so much potential Please finish it.

Combat Sounds would be awsome
Being able to move into position with out attacking

Any way I wish you all the best , I bought this game on Steam and I will support the devs in making such a cool game!

The game is fun to play with bugs but it's understandable because the game is still in beta. Perhaps after consistent patches to fix major crashes (mainly occur before initializing battle or after defeating enemy lord), the game would lean closer to a 10/10.




Amokki says

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Game feels extremely interesting.


Vaizzz says

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Вполне стоящий проект - атмосфера, боевка, квесты на уровне.
Из минусов - большое кол-во багов беты.
Актуально для беты через предзаказ.

because i can

Because is a beta, realy slow... nevertheless I think that this game might get 10 if all issues get fixed. I like the translation & music.

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