The ultimate trash experience has all you need! We got boobies. We got hookers. We got Zombies. We got Nazis. We got even Nazi-Zombies! Now with full feature movie "Night of the Living Dead"!

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ViennaGirl says

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I would have prefered giving Feedback to the developers on their page, but the games installer points to IndieDB, so it`s gonna be somehow public:

Although I`m pretty proud that this one is from Austria, obviously not far from here, I`ll stick to facts and spare the patriotism influence. I bought this game because of the report on Austrian TV, so I knew what I had to expect - Trash, Zombies, B-Movie-Style.

I love that, so I gave it a try. And the game delivers exactly what it promises: Trash, B-Movie atmosphere, lots of jokes and an interesting gameplay mix. I`m usually more a Wii player, but I enjoyed Amnesia on my BFs PC, so I`m not a noobgirl at all. The game is hard to beat, but fun to play.

It looks good and spooky enough to give you the creeps when you play it at night, but the jokes and the humor keep it from scaring you to death. I got quite some value for my money and can recommend basically recommend it. The glitches are annoying, but not critical, and if you follow the steps in the manual you can avoid most of them.

This was the third self-bought PC game I played this year and for sure the one I had most fun with yet.

There are lots of "pros", but three "cons" must be mentioned:

1. The horrible quality of the voice over recordings. I got the joke with the accent and it IS hillarious, but that doesnt excuse the technical quality.

2. The occasional crashes and bugs. They didnt kill the game for me, and, as told before, they can be avoided, but I got really stucked once because I saved underwater.

3. The sexism the game includes. I know it`s meant funny, and yeah, maybe I grinned, too, but showing boobies for Nazizombies and a woman having sex with an Octopus is not what I would call emancipation. I agree that Sam is painted as the stronger character and more dominant than Pete, but in the end she`s also a sex object for him.

Those points aside, the game is damn good.

Holy Cow - this is awesome!

Bought my copy last Tuesday, finished the game at 2 AM tonight.

I also ran into some glitches, that got better with the patch, but not totally ironed out. Also the voice over recordings sound like someone with a slit throat is breathing his last words into a broken cell phone.

On the sunny side of life, this is a masterpiece of trash and fun and laughter - I NEVER had so much FUN wit ha compter game. Allright, you need some background knowledge, a decent education and intelligence to get the jokes, but if you do, this is hillarious!

I played it rather as an adventure, and the puzzles were sometimes really challenging. The shootouts, especially with the watchers, were tough. i also had some really scary moments, but in the end it was a funny ride of b-movie comedy all along and in this sense the most creative and unique game I played this year.

Has some technical flaws but those are outweighed by tons of pop-culture-references, loads of gags and really, really funny scenes and sequences, adult entertainment and a quite interesting gameplay.

This is so unique and crossing the borders of good taste all the time that I can recommend it to EVERY adult gamer who has a soft spot for B-Movies.

Despite all the comedy elements, this game must not be taken lightly when it comes to the horror elements. Playing this at night with the lights out and the speakers on, as suggested in the manual, can give you a heart attack.

The game is really something new and exciting, thumbs up!

-The game has a lot of interesting characters like the **** novu
-The graphics looks better than most indie fps
-The skills that you learn throughout the game like necromancy is pretty fun to use.
-The mission log is very well drawn, I can look at it for hours.
-The med-kit system is pretty original.
-The game mechanics is old-school(It was good IMO)

-The voice acting was abysmal, I can't stand it, the voice actors are blabbering and I can barely understand them.
-The player is too talkative, another annoying feature is the voice actor for the player, he simply talks too much! let the player interpret your game themselves instead of telling them everything.
-The game tries too hard to entertain.The gameplay itself was fun enough with some unexpected combat situations and interesting puzzels but the creator tries too hard to make it funny, this would have been better if it was a bit more serious.
-The bloody screen is pretty annoying(make it more translucent)

There, this could have been a better game but it suffers too much from the voice acting, it was simply annoying.The player explains everything which spoils a lot of puzzles and key moments.But on the bright side, this do have a lot of innovative mechanics.

It is a 7/10 in my book.

Great Story
Scary, funny, thrilling
Good Gameplay
great eastereggs
Good Graphics
eery sound

Small bugs
long loading times

Very good game. Intelligent, sinister humour, lots of fun moments and still very scary in some parts.

Having a full movie in an ingame cinema is also pretty awesome.

Really good value for the money, almost a must-buy!

Edit - I have changed the rating to 10 out 10, because I am really sad and disappointed that people come to the rating section and vote 1 / 10 because they dont like the ENGINE.


Twillza says

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Just because it's a FPSC game doesn't mean I'll downvote it like all the other kiddies and Unity fanboys. Instead I'll give it a deserving score for showing even a bad engine can make something worth while.


Its a great game with great potential!

Finished it last night. A really great game, almost like a Bruce Cambell flic to play along.

Whis game is something totally new. Something different. Not the type of game you play & consume like a CoD campaign.
It´s more like running around and trying to find the next gag or easter egg.
Very well done.

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