Quite a different zombie game - this time YOU are the zombie! Command your infested comrades, fight your way to freedom and let the zombie kind dominate the world!

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Noctambulant666 says

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-Great performance i.e. no lag
-Nice graphics. Good visibility and fit together well.
-Fun and challenging gameplay.
-Good controls. Responsive and intuitive.
-Gameplay is very quick, great for coffee breaks.
-Restarting a level after death is near instant, allowing you to get straight back into the action. This is important for a game where failure is common.
-Good AI.
-Gameplay concept hasn't been used in a million other games.
-No mouse support for the main menu. Not a big deal, just a quirk really.
-Limited gameplay. Hey, it's $1.99 zombie game so what do you expect?

All in all well worth the money and definitely recommended to anyone who enjoys stealth, zombie, and retro games.


eoks0fkf says

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