Exactly what it says on the box: a lightly filtered experienced pulled from my day job in a customer service call center, made interactive in a point-&-click format. Lose politely, or lose spectacularly; the choice is yours.

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As a game, this game would probably be a 3.

As an experience, however, it gets at least a 7. It feels like it represents the type of stuff you would have to put up with in a call center well and does it with a certain amount of personality.

The gameplay in I Get This Call Every Day is incredibly simple, but if you've ever had to interact with the public as a professional, you'll certainly relate to its protagonist. The game is brutally honest and true to the experience, and like Papers Please would later do, it effectively conveys the futility of such menial jobs. The graphics are extremely basic and ugly, but for all being done by one person, the voiceovers are surprisingly good, and what controls there are effective and straightforward. With several endings and a rather short play time, this is worth playing through several times. I would have liked to have played a longer game that went further into the character's life and had a more developed plot, but for a quickie this was excellently written and performed.


gummilalli says

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well you get to say **** you with the guy that is trying to change his email

This game is awesome! It completely captures the ineptitude of the average caller so acurately. If you haven't worked at a call center, this is what it is like. You can't let people slide by on stuff, it gets you fired. Great Game.

Very Entertaining.

its very VEY cheap but c'mon I can better for free

I like these rage games =P

Really cool game. It's pretty short. I don't think that it could be longer and remain relevant. I like the message here.

This game has funny dialogues, and will be private for that.
It's a short game, and I was waiting for more.
I hope if he makes an another game, to make more dialogues, or include more dialogues in this game.

Just your ordinary point and click game.
It may be at an excessive price (1.99), but it's very short and linear.

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