Stand alone expansion pack to Homeworld, made by Barking Dog Studios and published by Sierra Entertainment.

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Enjoyed the campaign even more than the first. Play it if you haven't.


stunning plot.


I Like the history, to me, is the better homeworld


A well done nice game seeing it here brings back good old memories of the Beast it was this game that made me want to bring back the Beast in Homeworld 2 one nice to see finily here on Moddb.

Not as good as the first one due to some features which made the first one good where cut out but I suppose they where counter balanced by some good features in return.


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This is the stand alone expansion/sequel to the original Homeworld game. These games are very fun 3drts games. The controls are perfect, the graphics were amazing for its time, and the story is awesome. In cataclysm, you control a large mining ship called the "Kuun-lan", that , with out meaning to, unleashes a bio mechanical infectious organism upon the galaxy. They then rush to contain it.


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