As Agent 47, a bald test subject branded with a barcode tattooed on the back of his head and who is rigorously trained in methods of murder, assassinate wealthy and decadent criminals.

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This is, strangely, my favorite Hitman game (please note that I didn't play Blood Money and Absolution). It's bug free and very, very fun! Many people say that this is a mediocre Hitman game, very hard and with ugly graphics...I don't think so! First of all, it's easy. Maybe people say that it is hard because there are no saves, I agree, but at least there are checkpoints! The graphics are simple and cute, doesn't eat too much hard drive space, and it has some excellent missions! You travel in Hong Kong, Colombia, Budapest, Rotterdam and finally Romania assassinating your targets in some fantastic missions. Great scenarios and great missions, my favorite ones are in Colombia and Budapest. Plenty of fun ways to kill people such as Knives, Fiber Wires, Handguns, Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns, Rifles, Machineguns and the Mighty Minigun! You can grab weapons from tables, boxes, rooms and from the dead and you can also choose and buy your equipment at the start of each mission, and you can also buy accessories such as Car Bombs, Compasses, Kevlar Vests and Binoculars! Lots of special equipment such as Poisons, Antidotes, GPS Trackers and Bombs! Lots of money as a reward for each assassination but unfortunately the game lacks any way to knock an enemy out (it lacks Anaestethics and Syringes). You can also pick up disguises from dead enemies to freely walk in guarded areas but unfortunately there are no suspicion meters in the game. But it was a great game, totally recommended if you don't mind the old graphics and primitive gameplay because of all the upgrades done in the sequels.

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May 9th, 2014

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