[NOTE: This game contains mature themes and language.] Also known as the "Fat Arse of the Law", Hector is the flawed, misanthropic Detective Inspector with the Clappers Wreake Police Service. Violent, drunken, callous, vulgar, sarcastic, bloody minded - on a good day. His philosophy: everyone is guilty. Clappers Wreake - the town that took the "Great" out of Britain - is a festering, pus-ridden ulcer on the underbelly of society. It's where murder is just one shot in a toxic cocktail of crime and the answers are written in blood. Sometimes pee... but mostly blood. When a hostage crisis erupts in the centre of Clappers Wreake, Hector has to make a choice: carry out a terrorist's demands, or let innocent hostages die. Hector's still on the fence.

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10 azunda

Oct 19th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

Great humour and not too demanding puzzles. The integrated hint system is a nice feature to get through tough spots.

Alamei says
6 Alamei

Aug 31st, 2013

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justweird says
5 justweird

Feb 5th, 2013

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cjvogel23 says
10 cjvogel23

Dec 27th, 2012

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doktor.schliemann says
9 doktor.schliemann

Dec 19th, 2012

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10 BrahminRamen

Nov 7th, 2012

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kushziller says
10 kushziller

Nov 5th, 2012

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osbola says
10 osbola

Oct 28th, 2012

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10 purpleheadache

Oct 7th, 2012

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mcfroogle says
10 mcfroogle

Sep 29th, 2012

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