This is a lua game that has its own story to the single player... The game features a wide weapon list!... Eaven a few reach weapons ;)... Its coded in LUA so that it can be played on the psp. Its a Arcade style game that features as many things as i could pack into the engine :)

Hey everyone while i was on my brake I didnt get allot of coding done i just wanted to wait on the new set of sprites to get half way done :) and fix a bug or 2 in the program

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Hello Everyone, I am back with some good news but no pictures :/

For the last 2 weeks iv been attending school and didnt have allot of time for work but now i have everything sorted out i have time again :)

So on to the good news ;)

--- On track for alpha

-- Menu systems (95%)
-- player animation (50%)
-- Enimy Animation (100%)
-- Enimy AI functions (50% [Testing phase])
-- Controlls (75%)
-- HUD graphics (100%)
-- HUD Functions (100%)
-- Weapon_Ground (100%)
-- Weapon input & clip/ammo tracking (100%)
-- Muzzle flash timers (75%)
-- Music (25%) *Dub Step style music created by Trey777*
-- Grenade functions (50%)
-- Optimized Base Code (75%)
-- Health Recharge (99%)
-- Saving (75%)


Bad news and reasons :(

The Alpha is delayed a few weeks for the list above to be compleated... There will possably be a Demo out within the week if some major things are fixed up...

So please keep all the spam about this game being dead haha... :)

NOTE: This game will not die within the next few months of development :)


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