Great Permutator is a puzzle. Hard and tricky. One in which you will have to build a complex system of conveyors and various devices so that the colored boxes can travel across the factory and arrive at right places and in right order. If you are into clever engineering puzzles like LightBot, Manufactoria and SpaceChem, this game is for you. Features: - 50 puzzles (+15 bonus puzzles) - 10+ types of action blocks - 16 not-so-easy achievements - Global score leaderboard - Nice pixel art graphics and cool soundtrack - Level editor - Sharing levels via Internet * * planned for the near future

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mik3k says

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Great game like SpaceChem. Need more games like this!!


Great game! Reminded me of SpaceChem - not because of the mechanics or look (these two games are quite different), but because it requires careful thinking, planning and gives the same satisfactory feeling after completing a puzzle (especially for A+). Also good for developing programmer's way of thinking. :)

Great Permutator is a great puzzle games that your brains will just love it.

Learning curve may be a bit harsh sometimes and there are few things that aren't explained good (like ability to click on the building to switch output sequence) but overall, it's just brilliant. You'll be happy for every solved puzzle.

Also, the whole game is wrapped into consistant and nice retro pixel art graphics - it's a tiny joy just watching everything in action.

If you are puzzle game fan then you need this game in your collection.


Very addictive game, but a little much hard to me, the puzzles really make you think. If it had a story between the levels it could be more interesting to bring some "feeling" to it, by the way the setting and the art are very nice, remember a little the art style of Papers Please, and some SNES or Game Boy Advance titles. Maybe a less hardcore approach could fit better and attract more players. A very nice game.


Wondefull game! I like it!


Amazing! Try it. It's properly hard.


Putting things in the right place and in the right order has never been so fun! The puzzles get quite difficult quickly, and it can take a while to solve some of the harder puzzles. It's definitely a challenge and with that challenge comes the feeling of satisfaction derived from solving these brain-teasers. If you liked SpaceChem, Trainyard or Manufactoria, I think you'll like this also.


s_d says

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Beautiful retro-styled pixel-art, reminiscent of the best VGA titles of the 1990's, and well-balanced level progression combine in Great Permutator to provide a fun puzzler with built-in level editor. New mechanics are introduced at exactly the right pace, and the controls are very intuitive.
One standout feature is the background music, evoking an atmosphere of scientific discovery and invention. Similar in many ways to another puzzle favorite of mine, SpaceChem, the Great Permutator ramps up quickly in difficulty, but has a flavor of it's own.
The Linux port itself runs quite well and is performant, as you'd expect of a retro-styled title. My only reservation, techinically, is the absence of a true full-screen mode. The settings menu offers several full-screen options, but all result in the game remaining in windowed mode, but with a display-sized window. Not ideal, but a very minor annoyance indeed.


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