A 16-bit console style Platform game with sim bits thrown in! Similar in structure to games like ActRaiser and SnowBros. The game is about my daughter Maddi and her toys saving her parents and the world from disaster. Maddi and her toy companions have been granted the power of candy which they throw at monsters to cover them in and then roll into other monsters. There will be 100 stages in all. 10 boss battles. And between each 10 stages there is a map screen that also acts as a simple sim where you help the people in an area rebuild their towns after the rampaging monsters have laid waste to them. This is a split screen/co-op game.

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Daddy is the new Sonic ;)

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Animation isn't cleaned up yet but the 3D level is coming along well (Daddy's running animation is just flipped without being edited still). A bit heavy on the coins still but the first third of the level almost finished. To do (in the first section of this stage): Bee's that shoot at you, hopping bunnies and flappy birds for scenery. Maybe squirrels that toss their nuts at you :O.

The second third of this level will be over water (which you see at the end of this video) and the third part will be in the sky where you will fight a boss before entering Maddi's nightmare stage.

After working on this stage for the past week or so I'm begining to thing that the first stage of the Daddy level should be Maddi running with her soother powers! It would actually be pretty neat to see the "take on me" level done as 3D walls etc when running from the bad bikers.