"You can't say no to Death. It's hard to when he's renting the room right above you." A visual novel with player choices and point and click elements. Christmas Eve, 1998. Ichabod, meek as any young man can be, stumbles upon a bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. The "Heilbronner Hof". Four strangers meet there and are changed for better or for worse.

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koburamoe says

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A nice breath of fresh air. Engaging vocabulary, none of the common English you'll see in many other games sadly not even in a great deal of AAA titles.
Kept me stuck to the screen until i finished it; true it is short although it has a decently slow pacing and won't rsh you through it all in a hurry.

A sad story but one in which I saw myself as the main protagonist. I share all of his fears and thoughts regarding life (I won't divulge too much).

A good ending I'd say, it's the love it or hate kind which honestly I'd love to see more of this in many other games due to its pessimistic although in my opinion realistic 'conclusion'.


gurglings says

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