Go Beryllium! is a bullet-hell shoot-em-up set in the atomic scale. You play as a single beryllium atom and must fight the other elements and bosses such as uranium, a Higgs boson and a micro black hole. Survive as long as you can by gathering quarks from fallen enemies, and use them to power up your special weapons - the neutrino stream, boson barrage and cathode ray. Go Beryllium features music synchronized to the action with weapons and explosions forming the melody and rhythms of the background sounds. Includes analog joystick support and online leaderboards. Winner of the Eegra.com game making shindig, Go Beryllium is a game that will offer a challenge to shoot-em-up experts.

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Funny Chemical War! :)

A really nice bullet hell - not that hard, to be honest.


like the sounds gameplay is cool looken


nice game, hard but funny with the music

A preety decent game, somewhat difficult at first but you'll adjust to it. Has easy to learn controls, but not that intresting in my opinion... A great, fun way to look at science, and includes a fitting soundtrack with the game. Overall, a 8/10 from me, good job!


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