A Romantic Comedy Visual Novel that follows a group of characters who suddenly have to adjust to putting on a bra every morning.

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Amazing VN, for being in Alpha, for those wondering why it's $25 it is because once the full game is released those who pre-ordered will get about 6~7 additional characters(total of 13) than those who go for the free version.

A bit short. I would have liked to have some more choices. But it was only the first character. So I hope they take their time with the other characters to extend the story and branch it out. Besides that, Story was good, I really like the Graphics. Syntax isn't the best. A lot of sentences started with "I", so it was sometimes a bit hard to read. Overall a good and promising start with a lot of potential.

It took me well over an hour to get to one of the endings. Winter was a really good character.

So far pretty fun for an alpha.

Hi , I'm Jason from Lemmasoft, and I wanna give my support to your VN.
Once I get money from my game, I'll definitely buy this! :)

If you ever wanted to explore an Visual Novel about becomming a Girl.
You are just in luck.

Since almost everything in this game seems like it's catered to my interests it was really hard to not give it a 10/10.
Short version: While I greatly enjoyed the game very much it isn't quite perfect yet and I try to stay objective in this review. Hence the 9/10.

The other reason for the missing point is the incentive to still improve the game instead of saying "This game is already perfect, I don't need anything more" (I guess that's problematic for reviewing any unfinished game... well whatever =^-^=)

The basics are all there. No "must-have" (at least I consider them) feature like Auto-play or Rollback is missing. The dialogue is enjoyable and is at least not going on about the transformation ALL THE TIME (though one can expect it to be the main topic, looking at the title and premise and all that...)

Storyline progression is still pretty straight forward (Read: I had no difficulties getting all the endings) which is to be expected with 4 possible endings.

My only real concern is the consistency of the choices.
Some choices made it seem like the game would take a totally different path by choosing them, but in the end it basically "overruled" them with in-story elements (characters for example).

Seeing the new update tells me that this "issue" is already being addressed and this is why I can still give a 9/10 (with 10/10 in my heart. =^-^=). Because these things can break an otherwise amazing gaming experience quickly if not dealt with correctly. (This probably sounds a lot harsher than intended. =^-^=)

I think it's a great start, and I'm anxious to see where the game grows from here. I do think there are a few spots where it would benifit from a different character animation here and there, but it's still a fun read. Obviously it's fantasy, and not entirely realistic, but that's part of the fun.

The game was enjoyable for me. The story was interesting and the artwork was fresh. This was quite a successful alpha. Can't wait for the rest of the characters to roll in!

It's obvious that this is an alpha due to the lack of content when compared to what they say they will put in the game, but the content that is there is pretty good. I probably enjoyed the converstations more than the art. I love the writing in this, but the art is also good.

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