A simple yet ambitious plan, to terraform planet Diversitas. About 1.25 trillion dollars were invested into this project, ships were built, colonizers were trained, scientists were hired; And it all failed. On the second year following the route to Diversitas, one of the main nuclear engines of the mother ship "Infinitum" exploded, as far as you know you are the only survivor. Alone in space, no communication, no people.

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Taking alphafunding money and then changing completely the environment, style and scope of the game, disregarding completely what the backers invested in, and very likely leaving the alpha to rot, is simply bad business.
I guess it was bound to happen someday, but this just put me off of investing on nice looking projects from unknown teams from now on.
And people still wonder why only big names get enough money from kickstarter/indiegogo...

Looks like a weak attempt at ripping-off starforge. Could be 5/10 but as devs are trying to charge cash for this mess(and quite a lot I must add), I'll make it 2/10. Dev team have some potential, I give them that, but this game clearly has none.

No offense but the game really looks more like a learning project and just random content from internet trew /mashed up togeter the concept seems intersting but the game itsef doesnt look anywhere like it

great game, the concept, the base were the game is fund is just epic, i expect this game to be a colossal hit and i hope people dont get discouraged to buy it for reviews like the guy that gave it a 1 just because his nephew is a literature genius. looking forward to new updates, so far the gameplay has been excellent, running around this huge terrain finding meat, water and medicine while you have super humans behind your back trying to kill you is just great. Keep up the good work frozenstudios

BUllsh*t! THe camera is stuck to sky and i have payed for this piece of sh*t((((

Scam, they change the setting every few weeks and sell it as a new game



After purchasing the "game" the "developer" quit trying to make it, and instead set out to build 3 other games that are the same, essentially... this is a scam, at it's best, stealing at it's worst. I use the term "builder" lightly here. Looks to be two foolish brothers who thought modding=making a game and then failed miserably, so went and failed two more times taking folks money in the process. As of the 19th of August, 2013, I've asked for a refund and gotten NO reply from the "developers/children".


Giving 5 only because i cannot remove the rating :) - the game is still in alpha so any rating at this moment is jinxed as the game is still under development and there are lots of changes on the way.

I imagine at least rating 8 when the game will be in release stage.

great game....i wish it free..:(

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