Flipper is a minimalist puzzle game. Tap the blocks to cycle their colours to match the pattern shown at the beginning of the level. Designed to test your mind and memory, it quickly leads to mind-boggling puzzles.

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Not a very bad game for a easy puzzle pixelated... puzzler.

This is one of the most difficult memory/logic games I've played. That must be why some people gave it a low score...

I think difficulty is good.

Great puzzler.

it's a cool concept and I love the minimalistic graphics... but it's waaay too easy. so easy it quickly becomes boring.

Very nice puzzle game. But a little too easy.
It still lacks 16 extremely hard levels. Or more. ;)

A deceptively simple tiling puzzle where overlaps/flips are used to recreate the revealed pattern. The minimalist UI and music complement the gameplay.


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