Fish vs. Crabs is an immersive 3D underwater Tower Defense Game. You play the role of the fish defending your eggs from invading crabs, shrimp and lobster. The invaders advance along the sandy ocean bottom toward their goal. You must strategically place your towers in an effort to prevent the invaders from reaching your eggs and escaping with them. Your protected eggs are moved to a protected reef that you see as your main game menu. Customize your main menu by placing coral, sponges, rocks and fish around the reef. Different combinations of items will cause the fish to hatch. Name the fish in your reef or feed them to make them grow. New items will be added to the system at regular intervals for you to discover and decorate your reef system with. We will continuously be refining fish behaviors, improving visuals and balancing game play to give you the best game experience and enjoyment of your reef in addition to new and challenging Tower Defense levels and new objectives.

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Our official game trailer was constructed entire with actual game art, but even here we couldn't help but make a game out of it. Part story, part hidden object game. How many things from the game can you see in the trailer?

Did you see:

Tiki Idol
Ship in the bottle
Shell with fish eggs
Tablet from the lost city of Atlantis with crystals
Ancient jar
Treasure chest
Pirate flag
Crab Trap
Jar of Marbles
Golden sea stars
Old key

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