E.T. Armies (Extraterrestrial Armies) is a first person shooter game in a unique science fiction world, designed to show Persian historical themes and rich environments. The main story of E.T. Armies is a narrative case about the future human wars to provide the energy resources. The game is powered by Unreal Technology (Unreal Development Kit) and has been under development since January 2012. The technical production of this game will be over in late 2013 for PC and we are currently looking for Publisher for both Online and Single player version of the game.

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This is our first game play trailer. showing a 4 minute game play footage from our Refinery level. prefer YouTube ? -- > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez0_Ce0gUCo
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Rafficka Aug 15 2013 says:

dat voice acting

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SinKing Aug 15 2013 says:

This is pretty good stuff. The models and textures look good. The level design is a bit simple, but hey - it's a great start! The lights, Bokeh and all the other fancy stuff looks really good!

What I don't like is the, kind or repetitive, music and the current voice acting which sounds a bit flat and emotionless. But all the rest is pretty great and already a lot of content to show! Nice!!

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Nima.M Author
Nima.M Aug 16 2013 replied:

Thank you so much.
the music is not from our original soundtracks, it was just a small sample that was made in 3 days, so expect a much better music in the game ( or next trailers ).
as for the Voice over they were just for the sake of trailer, we are doing our best to use native voice over.

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El_Niko Aug 16 2013 replied:

When we'll be able to download this pretty game?

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Nima.M Author
Nima.M Aug 16 2013 replied:

we might upload a playable demo by the end of this fall. and for the final version of the game I think new year's holidays would be a good date ;)

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GamesInquirer Aug 15 2013 says:

This looks extremely well made but the area you chose for your first video doesn't allow the game to stand out with the ideas and themes you say it will include. This particular area looks like standard dark and dreary sci-fi (with many crates!) for the most part, while your older screenshots show more unique environments, which you should probably focus on!

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Nima.M Author
Nima.M Aug 16 2013 replied:

I completely agree with you, we will try to show more from other levels too. That being said, we kinda wanted to show a solid, standard game play, that's why we picked this level.

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XtremeRoflcopter Aug 15 2013 says:

Only thing that needs big upgrades... are the sounds... guns don't sound... correct, same with the voices. However, graphics are ******* intense for an indie game. Very visually appealing.

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Nima.M Author
Nima.M Aug 16 2013 replied:

Thanks you, i guess sound system and voice overs will be our main focus for a while then. we will do our best.

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Argoon Aug 15 2013 says:

Graphics and effects AAA quality.

Gun sounds need more love, even if you think in the future they would make guns more efficient and quiet, on a game, loud and powerful sounding guns are more fun.

Voice Acting will make or break your game story, and right now if you don't improve it, then imo it will hurt your game.

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Nima.M Author
Nima.M Aug 16 2013 replied:

Thank you, Voice over will get huge improvement for our final release and we will certainly do something about SFX in near future.

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Guest Aug 16 2013 says:

looks well done. tho the weapon sounds lack any kind of punch. even the rain was louder than the sniper rifle. just saying...

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baszermaszer Aug 16 2013 says:

Nice graphics for an indie!

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makemeunreal Aug 17 2013 says:

I totally love it!

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Alexander_The_Great Aug 18 2013 says:

I was just wondering will it be human only enemies or are you going to have a variety of different enemies to fight? Because human only enemies doesn't really seperate it from the crowd of other fps games.

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Nima.M Author
Nima.M Aug 19 2013 replied:

if you mean something like aliens or monsters, then no. but there are enemies such as flying drone as u saw in the video. besides, those so-called human enemies are not completely human anymore.

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SPY-maps Sep 7 2013 says:

it is all said above already, voice acting, music, leveldesign, etc.
but, have read your answers, so know most was just for this teaser and will be much better lateron.
What i liked most was the really awesome animations, (MOCAP?)
very, VERY nicely done (AAA quality!!! wihtout a doubt!!!)
Could say much about the AI of the enemies, although from what i did see is that ok, they take cover etc.

Just one remark, but that one is just personal.
Such a shame the player has team mates who help him, i don't like MP gaming, am a real SP fan. And hate it that lots of games these days try to give a MP feeling to there SP missions!!!! HATE IT!!!
i want to play alone, don't want help of bots killing enemies!
And i know there are more real SP fans out there that think the same.
But, as i said, this is just personal. Seems a lot of people do like bot help in SP missions, although i wonder why, for that we invented MP mode.

All in all, LOVE IT!!
am tracking for quit a while and it gets better and better!!


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This is our first game play trailer. showing a 4 minute game play footage from our Refinery level.

prefer YouTube ? -- > Youtube.com

Aug 15th, 2013
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