Taking place between the second and third movie in the motion picture trilogy, Enter the Matrix features a mixture of gunplay and martial arts that bends the rules. Insane driving and stunts and the chance to pilot the fastest hovercraft in the fleet proves that this isn't just a game that's set in the Matrix universe; it's an experience that's designed to be a true part of the entire Matrix mythos. Enter the Matrix is the story-behind-the-story and features slo-mo bullet time effects, never-before-seen live-action footage starring the cast of the movies, and plenty more.

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CBMI6 says

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Fun, challenging, and just like playing through another film, which is what was intended. If only there was a proper multiplayer mode.


sylburn01 says

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I had allot of fun playing this game despite the few grievances along the way and the bullet time moments in game play were badass and pure joy. In addition, it was interesting to know how this game was connected to the the crew from the animatrix and then how enter the matrix connected all the matrix content together.

It would be nice to see more matrix games or mods being developed though.


J.C.D. says

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This game has the potential to be the world's single greatest movie tie-in ever, which is saying a lot given how poor movie tie-ins games tend to be. You can tell their hearts were in it on making this game, and it shows, but unfortunately the final product reeks of being rushed and is an obvious beta.

Not all is bad. Beating the snot out of mindless badguys has its appeal, and you will find a few times when the game really makes you feel like you're kicking butt in The Matrix, and the story does do some nice tieing-in with The Matrix Reloaded, if being -very- void of the main cast (Neo? He's mentioned a lot but his literally only seen twice in the game for about 5 seconds total), and you're a die-hard Matrix fan like me you will cringe when you hear the couple peaces of diologue given by characters as key plot point or at least big points that directly contradict The Matrix Reloaded.

Long story short, the game reeks of being rushed but can be a genuinely fun time, especially near the end (but, spoilers: the final level itself is utter crap), but I'd mostly recommend this to die-hard Matrix fans who want a few extra bits of plot for The Matrix Reloaded.


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