Embersol Mercenaries is an independently developed multiplayer space shooter featuring capital ship battles, perma-death PVP, mercenary squads, and more! Play cross platform on your desktop, tablet, phone or microconsole.

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New update v1.1.1 introduces the galaxy conquest map and is now cross platform with the release of PC/Mac/Linux builds. Play for free with or against anyone on any platform in this twin stick multiplayer shooter.

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New update is ready for Android and PC/Max/Linux with the help of the excellent JWrapper!

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I released it last week but some bugs cropped up that I wanted to fix before announcing it. The coolest addition is the galaxy map! Now there is an actual persistent fight going on that you can effect. It’s only at a basic level but eventually I will be adding faction points you can gain to unlock unique faction weapons.

I’ve also been making a lot of additions to the gameplay side, adding new attack patterns and abilities for the enemy drones. Fixed up a bunch of crash bugs that the excellent Crashlytics library caught. The conquest game mode is now just two teams and 5 capture zones rather than the three teams and 10 capture zones it was before. It should make the games more tight.

Future Plans.
The next update will concentrate on the pilot upgrades. So actually making the different ships have different play styles. I’m also in the process of adding new weapons. Currently there are three ships (Valkyrie, Minotaur, Fury), one primary weapon (blaster), and one secondary weapon (missiles). The new primary weapons will be a railgun and a laser beam. For secondary there will be a sort of nova bomb type weapon for close quarters.

So hopefully this will let players choose the play style that suits them. If you like playing the sniper then the quick Fury ship paired with a railgun/missile combo would work nice. Or if you like to get up close and personnel I’d go with the Minotaur ship with the extra shields and blasters/nova bomb. Please let me know what you think about the weapons or what you’d like to see in the game!


Galaxy Map: Fight as a freelancer or for your mercenary squad.
v1.1.1 Release

New enemy types! Don't let them swarm you.
v1.1.1 Release

Warp into systems to capture them for your team!
v1.1.1 Release

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