Duke Theft Auto is based upon the classic DMA/Rockstar game, "Grand Theft Auto" Run, Shoot, Kill, Car Jack your way through many cities on your way of becoming the number one criminal! Instead of being limited to a top down view as you were in the classic game you will now be able to run and drive through the cities in a first person perspective as well as a third person.

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Sep 10 2009 Anchor

I've got this baby running sweet for a while now, controllers and all! I did'nt think it would run so well on my rig. But I just cant get past the 3rd mission. The arrow points me to drive the tanker in areas that I cant go. Probably real obvious, but I haven't found it yet! If this mod sucked, I wouldn't give a crap. But its great and I want to play more!

Hey, how bout that, first thread!

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Dec 29 2009 Anchor

Holy shit, I never knew anyone was posting in these fourms.

Anyhow I answered this guys question in a PM, if anyone else is wondering why they can't finish the third mission after getting the tanker this is due to the mission script being unfinshed. There is no current way to finish the third mission in the downloadable version.

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