With crime lord Charles Jericho now on the loose, San Francisco faces a terrible threat. Only one man can stand against him. He has driven the streets of a hundred cities and spent his whole life putting criminals behind bars. But to take Jericho down, there can be no turning back, and he knows that this may very well be his last ride.

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A very good arcade driving game, with a good amount of contents. Lots of various vehicles to drive (from McLaren F1 to fire trucks or buggies,...), quite a big map, lots of missions/races of various types, and the very cool and original ability to "shift" between vehicles.
Basically, the story is made so you can take the place of any driver in the city, at pretty much any time. Many missions - along with classic normal races and be a cop/escape the cops missions - are based on this. It opens lots of opportunities compared to classic racing games, and it's both well designed and often usefull.
The story is not the best story ever, but it's not too bad either, good enough to keep the player watching the cutscenes. Also, when shifting in other cars, Tanner (you) will sometimes meet some passengers and discuss with them while driving. The talks are numerous and often funny, with a good amount of sarcasm.
The game looks good (enough for me) and it appears to be optimized, as it runs smoothly on my 2yo+ middle quality laptop.
I never tried the multiplayer.
Why not 10/10 then? I guess I would very hardly give that rating to a driving game... Also, some races are annoying, like some in which you need to learn the track through several tries before being able to win them. The driving can be annoying as well, with cars drifting as soon as you're under 100km/h or so, but nothing too different from other arcade driving games there.
Probably the best driving game I've played.


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