Drip Drip is a casual strategy game that has a classic 2D feel with RTS inspired point and click controls. The player needs to collect water in containers to prevent buildings across 24 cities in the USA from flooding and being destroyed. Drip Drip is a family friendly game with many levels of difficulty that can appeal to all sorts of gamers.

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I really love the look of the game, seems like something new.

Really liked this odd little game. I mean it's certainly different: it's not a beat 'em up, shoot 'em up or a platformer or an RPG. A collect 'em up? Very strange idea for a game and yet strangely soothing, until it gets hectic as you would understand.

i gave this game an eight out of 10 cause i like how the objects have eyes and they hop around also i loved the graphics,sound and of cours the gameplay


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