After you have drifted off to sleep you see a parent, crying and begging for their lost child. They notice you and implore you to find their child's spirit using scattered clues and warning you to beware. But before they can tell you what to watch out for, they vanish. You awake in a desolate world, a gnarled tree prominent in your view. You see another person coming closer to you and you're about to call out until you see they are only the twisted remnants of a child. Fearing for your life, you start to run. Can you unite the child and their parent and save them from this nightmare? Can you even find your way out of this yourself? Or will you release the other spirits, twisted by their time here, into the waking world?

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ScreamScreen says

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It's was a pretty boring game, but there is NO clue what to do after the pentagram drawing.

Quality: The graphics are just fine to me, there is a bit of atmosphere there but I'd like to see more of it.
Story: Well I didn't get anywhere before the pentagram drawing and just killed myself by one of the enemies.
Scares: The enemies are not scary at all, if there is meant to be creepiness in it, there is none. Very boring. The enemies are very low quality with no animations or a scare factor at all.
Length: I don't know how long it is, considering I didn't finish it.
Lag: No lag.

Quality: 5 - Story: 5 - Scares: 1 - Length: 5 - Lag: 10 - All in all. I don't know what the heck to say, but it was just plain boring. I know I'm being pretty harsh but that's the truth of what I think of it.


Szamer says

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It was a good game not that scary but i didnt know what to do.


RyanLPG says

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Great game!
Worth a play.
Here is my video of it:


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