Doom & Destiny is an old-school RPG with tons of attitude, content and comedy! Help Nigel, Mike, Johnny and Francis, four nerdy friends, to fight their way through the funniest quest they ever had! Trapped in a fantasy world and mistaken for Heroes, those four nerds will have to deal with long journeys, hundreds of enemies, villains, super villains and even an Unnamed super villain! Will they be destined to become real Heroes? Will they manage to return home? Will they manage to find a good Pizza restaurant in this weird fantasy world? More than 25 hours of gameplay, huge party customization, over 500 items, between potions, weapons, armour and accessories, over 200 special Powers and attacks to defeat over 300 enemies, an immersive and rich world, with tons of locations, cities, dungeons, secrets and challenges, Doom & Destiny is a must for every old-school rpg lover and video game fan!

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Doom & Destiny is indeed one of better throw-backs of RPGs of olde, with elements and nods to a variety of RPGs of the past, such as "Zelda", Destiny of an Emporer (I love that game), mentions of Magic the Gathering in spots, Final Fantasy of course, and more. Added into the mix of great music, colorful but not garish lighting, spiffy effects, hilarious (and my kind of) adult humor, tons of gear and skills, and good character development options, is how well thought out and intricate the mechanics of gameplay is as a whole. Combat is not necessarily as straightforward as many CRPGs are; there are tactics! Pick on a particular foe in combat, and they will hold a grudge. You can see a timeline for the order of the next character that gets to act so that you can plan accordingly. Depending on your enemies in an area, you may want a different formation; you may want a buff to strength for your party if foes are tough, so you put your fighter in the lead. Maybe more crits, so put your pirate/cleric in front, etc. Power points are gained that allow you to interchangeably equip certain skills. Grinding is made enjoyable (snicker) by the multitude of sidequests that it helps you complete, which is rewarding in itself, plus you can speed it up to plow through fights. Numerous secrets abound reward those who take time to explore off the beaten path. I've put in a solid six hours of gameplay so far and D&D is still just as enjoyable. While there are occasional typos, this is simply from translation and is very minor, and it doesn't recognize my Logitech gamepad, but that has a profiler...problem solved. Do yourself a favor, try the demo, play it, enjoy it, then purchase D&D. Highly recommended by an avid and longtime RPG fan.


One of the best RPG that I have ever played

My quick write up on this title.

Good mechanics and graphics. Nice sense of humor. Cool skills and character classes with pretty good customization. Recommended for any JRPG fan.

Love how they dont take worries to make charachters references, the game very adictive and fun 10/10 bitches

Great for lovers of JRPGs during the mid 1990s. Heartbit is very effective at capturing that atmosphere with great graphics and, even better, some really great music that could belong in any of the classic SNES JRPGs. Characters are generally entertaining, and the combat is a great mesh of classic and current turn-based gameplay. Definitely worth a buy.

Tremendous amount of content for the price.

One of the best 5 bucks I ever spend !

Good scenario,gameplay and replay value.

A must have for all the fans of Comedy and Old School RPG

Bon jeu ;)

So absoluly great FUN, a lot of Sopilers and a must have for every fan of old school PRGs

Very funny game. Old style GDR full of quotes from movies, games, pop culture and so on.

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