In the beginning, there was nothing. The elder god Highfather had many angel servants, one of whom was his favorite - Bethrezen. The Highfather adored Bethrezen so much, the elder god granted him the power to create and left him to his own devices. Bethrezen, striving to impress the Highfather, created a new world and named it Nevendaar (also known as "Sacred Lands") in the angelic tongue.

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The first and best strategy game I've played in my life! It has a great medieval-style dark fantasy atmosphere and music, interesting story and sidemissions. Plus, the scenario editor implemented in the game allows you to make your own missions and even entire storylines! It, in fact, got me interested in making games and I learned a lot about map design and scripting from it. We used to play this game a lot with my sister and cousins, we even played some of my maps :)

Now for the gameplay - each of the 4 factions has their respective units and commanders. Each commander can take 5 supporting units total. Every single unit can be upgraded, adding deep RPG ellements.
Anyway, it's a really great piece of art


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