Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls is a single player, 3D action packed role played game. In this dark, heroic fantasy, you enter the land of Andhere Terrae and charge onto the front lines against the impending Hiristian invasion. Choose your warrior's style and skills. Are you a Fighter; strong and fearless combatant? Or are you a Mage; intelligent and cunning with incredible tactical potential? Or perhaps a Rogue; quick and stealthy, focusing on a single target to dismantle it with deadly efficiency and utmost precision. Whichever hero you choose, each promises uniqueness in its play style and skill sets. The epic tale of Dimiria is told through smooth, exciting, well-defined missions divided within ten deep, engaging chapters - 60 important missions in all. The story will take the heroes through teeming jungles, scorching deserts, winding canyons and treacherous mountains - each uniquely beautiful and carefully crafted.

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New trailer sets the scene for the dark tale of Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls

New trailer sets the scene for the dark tale of Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls

Nov 6, 2013 0 comments

With a new trailer just released, and episodic installments of lore-driven action-RPG to follow, now is the time to get excited about Dimiria, the first...

Dimiria seeking your support!

Dimiria seeking your support!

Aug 19, 2012 0 comments

Dimiria is a fun & exciting dark fantasy 3D action packed role playing game that’s filled with unique landscape, adventure, magic and incredible...

Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls
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